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Frequent Questions

Because we love to discover places and share them with our community. Offering a wide range of experiences throughout the Andes Mountains, always looking for anyone to be part of our activities, enjoying every step in nature, the good company and the services provided.

All our guides are certified and specialized in:

  1. Trekking Guide and Mountain Guide (EPGAMT)
  2. Trekking Guide and Mountain Guide (AAGM)
  3. Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician (WEMT)
  4. Wilderness First Responder (WFR)
  5. Level 1 and 2 Rope Rescue and Rope Access Technical Work (RTRT)
  6. Avalanche Hazard Management level 1 (AIARE)
  7. International Certification for Mountain Guides (UIMLA)
  8. Qualifications as Guides in Aconcagua Park and Provincial Parks.
  9. Qualifications as Tourism Professionals.
  • Our guides work with the following certifications:
    Trekking Guide – Mountain Guide
  • WEMT
    Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician
  • AFR
    Wilderness First Responder
  • AFR
    Rescue and technical work with ropes level 1 and 2
  • Avalanche Danger Management level 1
    International Certification for Mountain Guides
  • Qualifications as Guides in Aconcagua Provincial Park and Provincial Parks
    Qualifications as Tourism Professionals

In our Experiences section you can see all the outings we offer, the season and what each one consists of.

Each outing has its own difficulty level, we have outings that range from easy/moderate to difficult. We advise you to ask in any case through direct message what the difficulty of each one is since not all people are suitable in the same way.

Yes, we do special trips for companies or groups that would like to plan an experience with us. They only have to choose the place and the type of activity they want and contact us through any of our means of communication, indicating how many people they are and the duration of the trip.