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Terms and Conditions

The User Agreement with Epic Experience consists of these Terms of Service, our Privacy Policy, the Epic Experience Rules and Policies, and all policies incorporated herein.

These Terms of Service (the “Terms”) govern your access to and use of our services, including our various web pages, SMS, APIs, email notifications, applications, widget buttons, advertisements, merchant services. linked to these Terms (collectively, the “Services”), and any information, text, links, graphics, photos, audio, video or material or arrangement of material uploaded to or appearing on the Services (collectively, the “Content”). By using the Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms.

Our Privacy Policy describes how epic expirience handles the information you provide to us when you use our Services. You understand that by your use of our Services, you consent to the collection and use (as set forth in the Privacy Policy) of this information, recruitment packages, film materials, photographs and any means of image reproduction.

When the user (or in his place another person making a booking on his behalf) books an activity and this booking is accepted by Epic Experience, it is understood that the user accepts all the conditions specified, and certifies that the information provided is complete and truthful. Epic Experience, by accepting the booking, agrees to fulfil its obligations as stated here.

You are responsible for your use of the Services and any Content you provide, including compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations.

Epic experience may offer certain services or features to which additional terms and conditions may apply in connection with your use of such services. By using or paying for any such additional services, you agree to the additional terms applicable to such services, and such additional terms become part of our agreement with you. If any of the applicable additional terms conflict with these Terms, the additional terms will prevail for as long as you use the services to which they apply.

If you use paid features of the Services, you agree to the following terms and conditions

The confirmation of the reservation will be made once the request is received and it has all the required information.

This request will be made ‘on line’ through the web page or the forms provided.

In case of any change in the information provided by the traveler, the traveler must inform
Epic Experience as soon as possible. A percentage of the reservation deposit will be retained depending on how far in advance the cancellation is made (see cancellation of the reservation item).

It implies a deposit of between 30% and 50% of the total cost of the trip depending on the activity. Payment must be made through Mercadopago, or bank transfer.
For reservations made two days before the selected date the company requires a 50%
reservation deposit.

For reservations one day before the departure date, the traveler has to pay the total amount of the trip.


The rest of the activity can be paid by Mercadopago or in cash at the time of the activity, another option is by bank transfer.

The prices advertised on the Epic Experience website are expressed in US dollars. The price of the activities in local currency (Argentine pesos) will depend on the price of the dollar published for the purchase of foreign currency at the Banco Nacion Argentina at the time of the activity and will be subject to market fluctuations.

The prices indicated in our Web and brochures are per person, do not include airfare, and arebased on transportation rates, currency exchange rates, fees and taxes in force at the date of edition of the program/brochure. The airfare contemplated is an average fare. Therefore, the prices on our website and brochures are merely a reference of the final price and do not necessarily correspond to the price of the contracted trip.

It is worth mentioning that the prices are based on a minimum number of people traveling together, which will be informed in due time. In the event that the minimum number of people required is not reached, Epic Experience may alter the price or cancel the activity; in both cases you may cancel the trip and be entitled to a refund of the total price or the
amounts paid in advance, however, you may not cancel the activity.

However, you will not be able to claim any compensation beyond the amounts paid.On the other hand, a group with more than the minimum number of people does not imply a
reduction in the price, unless expressly stated otherwise.

Services included: The services included are those specified in the ancillary information provided by Epic Experience. In case of modification of the tour before departure, the services
included and not included will correspond to the final information provided.

In general, all our programs include:

– Round trip transportation, when this service is included in the contracted program, with the type of transportation, characteristics and category as stated in the information provided by Epic Experience.
– Lodging, when this service is included in the contracted program, in the establishment and with the meals included in the information provided by Epic Experience.
– Fees and taxes of the hotel establishments and indirect taxes when applicable.
– Entrance fees to natural parks, museums and places of interest, when specified.
– Telephone assistance during the trip, when this service is specifically included in the contracted program. – In trekking and mountain expeditions, all collective material (such as tents) when specified, as
well as the necessary infrastructure. Permits are included only when specified.
– All other services and complements that are specifically specified in the information provided by Epic Experience.

In general, none of our programs include airport taxes, and/or entry and exit taxes, visas, vaccination certificates, drinks and personal extras, tips and, in general, any other service not expressly listed as included. Excursions, extensions or optional visits not contracted directly with Epic Experience at origin are not part of the package.

Their publication in catalogs or in the same Web page is only informative and the price shown is merely referential, and may be subject to modifications at the time of contracting at the destination.

Most of the trips organized by Epic Experience include travel assistance, accident and liability insurance, except in cases where expressly stated otherwise. For hiking and trekking programs we recommend taking out a specific insurance that includes mountain rescue coverage.

The price of each tour varies depending on the number of participants in each group. As for
changing the number of participants in a group, we will ultimately apply the pre-established price to the final number of participants on the tour and apply cancellation fees to the participant(s) who decide to cancel the trip. If the traveler wishes to make any changes to a reservation that has already been confirmed, he/she must inform Epic Experience and pay an administrative fee of $15 USD per person.

Cancellations of day trips (Trekking, Horseback Riding, Climbing, etc.)

30% of the reservation before 20 days of the departure date is a non-refundable fee.

Please understand that when we have confirmed a reservation on a specific date, we add more passengers to the same reservation, including single travelers, when we receive a trip cancellation, other passengers are affected by the same cancellation, in some circumstances we need to cancel the trip to other clients because we do not reach the minimum required passengers.

The cancellation must be made by informing Epic Experience. For cancellation before twenty (20) days of the departure date, the company will retain 30% of the trip cost, up to ten (10) days before departure 40%, up to five (05) days 50% to 48 hours before departure the total trip fee will be retained.

Cancellations of scheduled expeditions can be made by sending a message to Epic Experience 30% of the expedition cost will be charged, regardless of when the cancellation was made. Refunds will be transferred to the traveler within 30 days after the cancellation date. Cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to the activity will not be refunded.

You may transfer your reservation free of charge to a person who meets all the required conditions if you communicate it in writing 30 days before the beginning of the activity, except in cases where you have contracted the services of an airline company and the latter does not accept a change of name. Both parties shall be jointly and severally liable to EPIC EXPERIENCE for the payment of the balance of the price, as well as for the justified additional expenses that could have been caused by such a transfer.

The reservation of any of the trips offered by Epic Experience implies the total acceptance of the following general conditions. Epic Experience commits itself to deliver the information of these conditions together with the information related to the contracted trip and the particular conditions that may have been agreed upon, before the trip takes place. For the interpretation, application or claim of the general and particular conditions, both the passenger and the organizing agency expressly submit themselves to the ordinary Courts of the province of Mendoza, renouncing to any other jurisdiction.

In the case of activities related to mountain sports, you should bear in mind that, to a greater or lesser degree, they always require adequate physical conditions. In addition, some of them, namely climbing, via ferrata, canyoning, ski mountaineering, trekking and mountaineering, involve a risk in themselves and can become dangerous because they are carried out in a natural environment subject to changing and unpredictable weather conditions. Although EPIC EXPERIENCE will inform you of the technical difficulties and requirements necessary to participate in our programs, it is your responsibility to evaluate if you are able to do them, both in terms of your physical fitness and your technical ability and experience. The user must have all the equipment related to mountaineering and other activities that require your equipment such as climbing or other. Epic experience is not responsible for the lack of your equipment such as hats, glasses, poles, clothing, gloves, boots and all clothing related to mountaineering and / or climbing, and some trips take place in countries where it is not possible to find the same customs, comfort and hygienic conditions to which you may be accustomed. Although Epic Experience will inform you about the characteristics of the country where the program you have chosen will take place, it is your responsibility to evaluate your
adaptation capacities, accepting and respecting these differences and assuming the possible inconveniences.

In case of any breach in the execution of the contract, the user is obliged to communicate it immediately, preferably to the emergency telephone number informed by Epic Experience, or in its absence, to our local collaborator in the destination, as well as to express it in writing as soon as possible, or in any other way in which Epic Experience can be aware of it.

The provision and acceptance of our travel services is governed by the provisions of the Código Civil y Comercial de la Nación law 26.994 and the consumer law.

You must have your personal and family documentation in order, whether it is your passport or ID card, according to the laws of the country or countries you are visiting. Some of these countries require visas, vaccination certificates, electronic entry authorizations or other types of documents that you are responsible for obtaining. At the time of registration, we will inform you of the general entry requirements for the countries to be visited; however, it is your responsibility to check with the embassy or consulate of the country or countries you are visiting.

However, it is your responsibility to verify with the embassy, consulate or the corresponding organization, the need for particular documentation and requirements. EPIC EXPERIENCE declines all responsibility in the event that any authority refuses to grant visas for particular reasons, or denies entry into the country because of lack of the requirements, or because of a defect in the required documentation, or for not being the bearer of the same. Any expenses arising in any of these circumstances shall be borne by the passenger, and in this case the conditions and rules established for the cases of cancellation or voluntary withdrawal of services shall apply. 

Epic experience undertakes to execute the totality of the services contained in the program contracted, regardless of whether they are to be executed by the same company or by other service providers – without prejudice to our right to act against said service providers – and always within the limits established in the applicable legislation. It will be exempted from this obligation when the defects in the execution of the contract are attributable to the contracting party or when there are causes of force majeure, that is to say, circumstances beyond the control of the party who invokes them, abnormal and unforeseeable whose consequences could not have been avoided in spite of having acted with due diligence; or when the defects are due to an event that Epic Experience could not foresee or overcome. Epic Experience is not responsible for accommodation, meals, transport and other expenses caused by delays in departures or returns of means of transport due to weather, technical reasons, strikes and other force majeure. Regarding luggage, Epic Experience is not responsible for any damage or deterioration that may occur during the trip. Regarding air transportation, we refer you to the conditions of the airlines.

Epic Experience’s responsibility will be limited to a maximum of the total amount actually paid for the services of the trip.

To formalize your reservation, you must pay 30% and 50% of the total amount of the contracted service. Regardless of the amount paid as a reservation, the payment of the same implies the acceptance of all the services included in the package offered, and therefore, the possible penalties that in case of cancellation, considered by the various service providers. For this reason, we strongly recommend the contracting of a cancellation insurance. Only once the
payment of the reservation has been made, your place will be considered as firmly committed. The remaining amount of the total trip must be paid no later than twenty days before the departure date, otherwise your place may be cancelled and the conditions outlined in the “Cancellations” section will apply.

There are trips that by their nature require special payment conditions, such as: Aconcagua, mountain expeditions and rock climbing. EPIC EXPERIENCE will inform in due time about the special conditions in these cases.

EPIC EXPERIENCE shall not be obliged to refund for any services at destination (hotels, transfers, excursions, etc.) that are not used due to flight delays or cancellations by the airlines. Nor in the case of strikes or other force majeure causes, or in the event that the non use of these services has been voluntary, whatever the cause of non-use.

There are trips that by their nature require special cancellation conditions, such as: Aconcagua, mountain expeditions and Climbing will inform in a timely manner the special conditions in these cases.

If you do not show up at the scheduled time for the service, you will not be entitled to any refund of the amount paid. In the case of air transportation, we recommend boarding at the airport at least three hours before the flight departure.

In these cases, flight cancellation policies correspond to those indicated by the Airline Company.

It is also considered a no-show if the days between the day of notification of the cancellation and the day of departure are holidays or weekends in Argentina or the country of destination (because the cancellation request is not processed).
In order to consider cancellations as firm cancellations, epic experience must be notified in writing.

If as a consequence of your cancellation the group is below the minimum number of participants, you must pay as a cancellation fee the amount necessary for the rest of the participants registered in the same activity and date of departure, respecting the same price. If new registrations allow the minimum group to be reached again, it will no longer be subject to this condition.

Alterations: It may happen that EPIC is forced to significantly modify some essential element of the program after the contract has been formalized and before the departure date, in which case it may choose to terminate the contract without penalty by the agency, or accept a modification of the contract in which the variations introduced and their repercussion on the price will be specified.

The penalties applied by the airline company will not be assumed by epic experience since we have no control over them. You must inform us of your decision within 3 days, otherwise we will understand that you choose to terminate the contract.
The same applies in the event that for any reason beyond your control, nor justified by sufficient cause or force majeure, epic experience must cancel the activity after the contract has been formalized and before the departure date.

In the event that once the activity has started epic experience finds that it is unable to provide a significant part of the services foreseen in the contract, we will adopt other suitable solutions for the continuation of the activity, without any supplement to the price and, if applicable, we will pay you the amount of the difference between the services foreseen and those provided.

When the cancellation of a service in any of the above cases is due to force majeure, adverse weather conditions or sufficient causes, there will be no obligation of compensation by Epic Experience and the additional costs that these new conditions entail will be borne by the traveler.

The changes of order in the itinerary offered do not imply alteration of the conditions of the program, as long as the complete itinerary is fulfilled.

Changes in the program due to adjustments in the schedule of the airlines or delays in the means of locomotion will not be considered as alteration of the services.

In the itineraries that run in areas of difficult access and especially those of high mountains, it will not be considered an alteration in the services if it is not possible to reach the highest or farthest point planned, either by adverse weather conditions, because the whole group does not meet the necessary physical/technical conditions, by deterioration of communication routes, by mechanical breakdown or for any reason that we think may be detrimental to their own safety. If you unilaterally decide to change the itinerary at destination without being previously notified or authorized by epic experience, epic experience will not be responsible for any possible problems caused in the following development of the travel program. For this reason epic experience informs about emergency telephone numbers at destination and in Mendoza, Argentina (24h attention).